Your Old Computer is Still Useful..and Here’s Why

If you have a desktop or laptop that’s a few years old, even as much as 5 years old, a couple of new peripherals can make a significant difference in speed, reliability, and responsiveness.

Your Storage (Hard) Drive

The hard drive in a typical desktop or laptop is mechanical. Most mechanical parts will eventually fail, which is one of the first things Trox Tech checks when diagnosing a slow computer. Over time, mechanical hard drives will eventually stop working overall, causing you to lose data if your files are not backed up. One critical piece of information that everyone should be aware of is to backup your data. No one likes delivering the news that your photos, documents, videos, and work files are unrecoverable.

So, what can we do to make it last longer?

Installing a Solid State Drive (SSD) can change how quickly your computer responds to your actions alone. An SSD uses no moving parts and instead relies on memory chips inside it to store, read, and write data. No moving parts means that the chances of losing your data if your laptop/desktop gets dropped or falls from a short distance is significantly lessened.

There are plenty of advantages to SSDs:

  • Light weight
  • Smaller than a 3.5″ mechanical disk drive (applies to desktop PCs)
  • Faster read/write speeds (means your programs and files open MUCH faster)
  • No Moving parts
  • Program Installs/Uninstalls are much faster

Although the pros significantly outweigh the cons, there are still a couple to list:

  • Higher storage capacity = more $$$
  • The read/write speeds vary depending on the technology the manufacturer uses

The standard mechanical drive can store quite a lot of data at the sacrifice of not being able to access it as quickly, especially when your hard drive starts to fill up. Defragmenting the hard drive can help, but an SSD with still trump the speed and responsiveness over the hard disk drive.

Let Trox Tech upgrade your slow machine and make it fast again! Give us a call at 704-200-9889 for a quote or to schedule a diagnosis. We also sell laptops and desktops, transfer your data and more!

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