When Small Businesses Try To Handle Too Much

The benefits of trusting your IT needs with Trox Tech  are not only in overall cost savings but improvement in the overall efficiency of your IT tools and long term efficiency and benefit to your organization. Below are just a few points as to why your business is better suited for success and growth with Trox Tech.

Reduce overall costs


The Gartner Group, is the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company.  They produced an article on cost of ownership back in 2008, which has not changed significantly, except that the initial direct cost has gone down as the prices of PC’s have has decreased over recent years. The significance today is the ratios found in the numbers. The Table below is from the article and shows that the initial cost of a PC is only about half of the overall expense. Further the article and Table point out that there is 42% overall TCO savings when PC’s are well managed.


Table 1

Total Costs of PC Ownership, 2008 (in US Dollars)

Unmanaged Somewhat Managed Moderately Managed Locked and Well Managed
Direct costs 2,218 2,147 2,056 1,874
End-user costs 3,649 3,122 2,594 1,539
Total cost of ownership 5,867 5,269 4,650 3,413

Source: Gartner (February 2008)

By using Trox Tech, your company can take advantage of the more well managed approach your outsource partner will take. A “locked and well managed” approach is typically only available to small businesses through outsourcing and can significantly save your business money over the total life of a PC.

These savings are amplified with outsourcing because you can further reduce your personnel costs. Even if you have an employee who works on your computer’s “part-time” you are still paying for that employee to do a job they may not be trained for. In addition, you are still paying for their benefits, management oversight, and training.

Operational costs vs. Capital expenditure

Good and ongoing monitoring software, systems update software, remote management software, and other tools used by a professional IT outsourcing company come at a cost. This cost is too prohibitive for a small business. Rather than make a capital investment in software tools and equipment to do a better job of support, why not pay your fair share of the cost with an operational expense to Trox Tech, guaranteed IT professionals?

Focus on what makes you money

In a small business we all need to wear several hats. Mowing the lawn, doing payroll, preparing taxes, doing legal work, and other services are usually beyond our scope and capabilities. Trying to support IT, one of the most critical systems in any business, has gone beyond the scope of the typical small business owner. Moving IT support out of the daily business routine frees up your time to focus on what makes you money.

Better use of internal resources

If you have a “part-time” employee supporting your IT, that employee’s time is being divided between IT support and the job they were hired to do. Quite often the employee was not hired to do the IT maintenance, they just simply inherited the job because they “know computers”. You essentially lose the benefits of why you hired that employee because they are not focusing all of their efforts on what they were hired for in the first place.

A typical example is a bookkeeper who gets paid $30,000 per year. If they spend 4 hours a week (a relatively low number of hours) working on IT issues around the office each week, that equates to $3,000 per year you are paying for an untrained, somewhat unqualified person, to handle your IT needs. Above and beyond paying an unqualified person, you probably are still paying an IT support company to fix things beyond the scope of the bookkeeper.

Most outsourced IT services cost well below the hidden expense of an unqualified person trying to do IT support and their job. Further, the person supporting IT can not grow in their position, or if they move on to another position elsewhere, you are left with a very difficult void to fill.

Improve the quality of service

Trox Tech is well managed. We provide planned, professional approaches, that rely on industry standards. They tend to be much more comprehensive in their preventative approaches, device monitoring, system updates, virus updates, and remote maintenance capabilities. Trox Tech  follows industry standards. Many times the part-time IT person will fix something in a “McGyver” fashion, thinking they are efficient by taking short cuts. Before too long your systems are beyond repair and even more difficult to support

An internal person handling IT issues, even if that is their main focus, is not qualified in all areas of IT support. By using Trox Tech, you gain access to an entire team of IT professionals, whose depth and breadth of knowledge will far exceed any individual. That means repairs can be completed faster and better, getting your team up and running and efficient in a more timely manner.


Do you want your company to grow? Or perhaps it is time to downsize. In either case, by outsourcing IT support you with Trox Tech have the flexibility to expand or contract by adjusting the contract fees with your outsource provider. If you double the size of your company, you can do so without having to increase or hire internal IT support. Trox Tech can scale with you, up or down.

If you outsource IT, outsource everything

Too many small businesses will just outsource pieces of the IT puzzle, for example they may only have someone monitor a server, or manage a router. It is dangerous not to involve your IT partner in all facets of your IT infrastructure. Everything needs to work seamlessly together. Parceling off pieces and keeping your IT partner in the dark about the rest of your operation seems a little pointless and expensive.

Make sure you have an outsourcing partner that wants to get to know your business and bring them into your overall planning and management of the company. The outsourcing partner should have an account manager or other designated individual to act as your CIO – Chief Information Officer. You should include Trox Tech in management meetings when you are going to discuss bringin on new technology, especially if you are looking to upgrade existing software or move to a new platform.

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