Rest In Peace, AOL Instant Messenger

Farewell, SmarterChild. After 2o years AOL Instant Messenger is finally saying goodbye. Since 1997, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) has been a staple for millions of users who needed to communicate instantly (hence the “instant” in instant messenger). The ever-popular messaging system has had multiple upgrades to its user-interface, bug fixes, and SmarterChild. SmarterChild was an […]

Don’t Trip, How Trox Tech Can Tidy Up The Cable Clutter Completely!

With more smart devices on the market every year, one of the practical realities of buying them is having to deal with more cables. Whether it’s power, video, audio or data cables, the convenience of smart devices can be offset by the unsightly presence of cable clutter. Loose cables can also be a potential trip hazard. In some […]

The Pirate Bay Is Still Alive And Plans To Ditch Ads…For Cryptocurrency

This past weekend The Pirate Bay (a torrent file-sharing site) released a statement on their website. Their initial testing had users upset and puzzled over why the site was utilizing almost all of their CPU processing. The initial test was hidden from plain sight. A javascript file inside certain parts of the site activated, using […]