Renovations to fast forward their reinvention: GameStop will be having an overhaul to keep with the times

GameStop is betting on more accessible, more playable games and hoping that eSports and a blast from the past will keep the business alive. It’s commonly known that the world around us in the retail industry including technology that the common go to source for shopping is now online. Consumers are more likely to shop on Amazon than go to the mall and when it comes to gamers they’ve followed the trend as they are buying their games and downloading them via Playstation store and Xbox’s market store which would make GameStop obsolete in the near future if changes aren’t done.

This isn’t the first time that GameStop has attempted to do something of the sorts as they have tried to keep up with the times by selling and buying cell phones and that was to no avail. They attempted to sell toys to boost them and that did not work either. The fact that they realize they have to do something to stay relevant at least until the next generation of gaming consoles is released.

Here’s to being proactive instead of reactive. You go GameStop!

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