Passwords: How often should I be changing them?

In our now super friendly internet, passwords are a household word used on the daily. We all have someone asking “what’s the password” to some streaming service, some social media site, some device, and in some cases to get in the house. What I’m getting at is passwords are now an imperative part of the life that we live because we covet security and the more things are shared in the cloud with that glimmer of uncertainty, the more we want protection. The protection we covet is often disrupted at the choice of our own as we don’t change our passwords. We’ve got to change our passwords more often.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) wrote an article on passwords and they advised that you change your password monthly and while the BBB is a good source to follow. I don’t agree with changing every 30 days. I am of the belief that you’re asking to lose your password and be forced to go through a litany of “Forgot Password” moments, so 30 days is a little ambitious.

Okay, so not 30 days… When?

I think we should change our passwords more often to protect our information better but the times to do that is limited. If I were to put a numerical value on it, I would say every 6 months is an ideal time frame to change your passwords to ensure you are in a good position. Of course, there are more moments in which you change your password beyond the 6-month barrier. If you have received a security breach then you should go ahead and change that password. In an instance that you’ve shared your account information and no longer want them to have your information then go ahead and change that password. Shared access point like a hotel, or library… you guessed it. Go ahead and change that pass that password. Noticed malware, or some other “hacker” content, yeah go ahead and change that password. PROTECT YOURSELF! Go ahead and change that password. Just for fun below are the 50 most used passwords and if your password is on the list….. go ahead and well you get the point.

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