Network Design and Implementation

Trox Tech specializes in developing, deploying and maintaining both simple and advanced networks. We can set up your network to run securely and optimally, as well as maintaining the infrastructure for security and compliance.

We are also happy to work with your existing infrastructure. If you already have a system in place that you do not wish to remove, but instead want to outsource the monitoring and support, then contact our team for a free consultation on what we can do for you and your current set up.

Through clever planning, management and testing, Trox Tech focuses on exactly what will work for your business’ networking needs and provides maintenance and support service to give you piece of mind that your networking system will always run at its best.

Benefits of Networking include:

Software and data sharing
Hardware and broadband sharing
Connectivity and communication among company employees
Optimize storage to best fit business needs
Security from external intruders
Industry-specific compliance needs