Laptop Screen Replacements

Today we are going to delve into the world of laptop screen replacement, going over the possible pitfalls as well as the benefits.  When the screen on your laptop breaks, or becomes inoperable for some reason, it can be a very frustrating thing.  Sometimes the best solution is to replace the screen itself and keep working with the rest of the computer; while other times it may be more prudent to just replace the whole laptop.  Here at Trox Tech we always look at what is the best option for our customer from a time and cost point of view.  In my time here I have had the chance to change out several screens, as well as seen a few laptops we just ended up taking the hard drive out of and either transferring the data to a new hard drive or just putting the hard drive from the previous computer in a new laptop.  The latter option is best for a customer who is on a very short time schedule, and can be a fairly quick fix.  But we are here today to talk about replacing the screen, which can be one of the most entertaining options.

When swapping out a screen, several things need to happen- depending on the make and model of course.  For this particular case, our first step was to remove the bezel and get it unhooked from the laptop’s case, ensuring all screws are properly removed and the bezel itself is put in a safe location.  After that, at least for this model, came the inner frame that we needed to remove the screen itself from.  After we remove the screen from the frame, it needed to be very carefully unhooked from the video cable and set to the side.  After this we were able to take a few minutes to give the inside and a few other places a good cleaning with the duster and a few paper towels.

After we get everything tidied up- its now time to install our new screen.  We essentially reverse the process we did earlier, but with a few steps along the way to ensure the screen is hooked up properly and that we don’t get the whole thing put together just to realize our screen is not installed properly.  This can be a fun task, as it usually involves holding either the laptop, the screen, or sometimes both at an interesting angle to keep everything safe and make sure nothing gets tangled up or dropped.  After we get all of the screws for the screen, the video and input cables seated, and are ready for the final bezel replacement, we give the screen one good wipe down just to ensure it is clean from corner to corner.  Even though parts of it will be covered up for most of the computer’s life, we still want to ensure we are giving our customers a product that has been meticulously cared for put together machine.  Once this is complete, we snap the bezel back onto the laptop, ensure the battery is seated properly, plug in the charger, and turn on the machine.  After seeing the logo of the product manufacturer, we are greeted with the Windows start up page- things are looking good.  After a few adjustments and readjustments to the screen and its resolution, we have verified that our screen is 100% operational.

Now we have a happy laptop and, when we drop off the laptop to them, a happy customer.  After a few cursory glances and a quick look at their brand new screen working perfectly, the customer can now get back to what they were doing before the screen met its demise.

Now, with all of this being said- it doesn’t always go this smoothly.  Several people who have run into this problem try to do it at home and have had more than a few issues.  We have had numerous customers come in with a job they were hoping they would be able to tackle, just to realize how big of a job some things can be.  That’s where we come in, with the experience and knowledge accrued over years of working in this industry, we have come to value, and excel in helping customers from one laptop that needs a keyboard or screen replaced, to a warehouse that needs every computer cleaned and updated.  Trox Tech strives each and every day to ensure every customer is taken care of the exact same way and we pride ourselves on making that happen.


I hope this blog was informative and gave you some insight on the ins and outs of our day. Don’t forget to let us know if we can help in any way by giving us a call at 704.200.9889.


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