Internet Addiction: How much Internet is too much Internet in this tech-savvy world?

We live in a tech-savvy world where most things are predicated on the Internet and Internet usage but how much of the Internet is too much Internet? According to a USA Today article, the average American used the Internet 9.4 hours a week, whereas, we now use the Internet at least 23 hours per week. These numbers have drastically changed but our times have drastically changed so those numbers are fine but you have to know the difference between relatively excessive and relatively obsessive. So what are signs that the Internet has become a necessity in someone’s life?

Signs that too much Internet is being used?

  1. Defensive about time spent on the Internet when confronted
  2. Spending money on the Internet, and Internet accessories
  3. Sacrifices hours needed for sleep to spend more time online
  4. Seems preoccupied when doing activities as if they don’t want to be social in person but rather online
  5. Escapes into the internet to avoid responsibilities, escape painful feelings or troubling situations
  6. Loses interest in activities that were enjoyable before he or she had online access

This list isn’t ever single possible sign but these signs are very relevant and sometimes they are easy to spot and sometimes they are not but it’s best to look towards these signs with open eyes and inviting arms to help heal them.

Remedy to Internet Addiction?

There is no correct way to curve someone’s usage of Internet addiction. Our best course of action is to put our technology down and live in the moment. Think about the last time you did something for the first time and had to talk about it and not just show a video.


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