Here today, Gone tomorrow: The technology most likely to be obsolete in your lifetime

What is the technology that will be obsolete during this current lifetime? According to a science, technology, and society professor at The University of Virginia by the name of Peter Norton he says “Old technology does not seldom goes away.” He brings up that chalk boards are still used along with white boards and LED screens none are really gone. He follows that up by pointing out how often technology can make a return with a nostalgic feeling. (See a previous blog post: Bluetooth Cassette tapes return). He was making it painfully obvious that it is hard to determine what will be obsolete because they often just get updated.

The research done states that the only thing that could be feasibly replaced would be the speed that data is used on. We’ve went from 2g to 3g to 4g to 4g LTE to 5g. I personally think that it won’t be obsolete per se, because not everyone will be allowed to purchase the fastest streaming that will be available but the studies are saying that high speeds are the one that is most likely to disappear forever.

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