Cloud Based Backups

Cloud Backup, Security, and File Sharing- Protecting your Business in the Cloud

The proliferation of dynamic cloud solutions can be a major benefit for your business.

At Trox Tech, we offer monthly and hourly services to keep your systems up and running with our customized preventative maintenance services. We take the initiative to keep everything in great shape, so you don’t have to fret about which problem you’ll be dealing with next. And if something does happen, we’ll handle it remotely or come onsite and take care of the problem the same day.

We offer a complete, reliable solution for your business. Our goal is to keep things running as seamlessly as possible for you all the time, and to be there right away when they don’t.

The Only Cloud Storage and Sync You’ll Ever Need

Securely share and backup your company’s data with Trox Tech’s cloud interface.

Affordable monthly rate.
Flexible storage so you pay for only what you need.
Real-time mobile access to synced files.
Complete backup of your files to the cloud
Integrated email security.
Integrated Exchange archiving.
Fast restoration of backed up files, complete with file revisions.
Pass off the cost of managing and maintaining computing infrastructure.

In the administration of a small or medium-sized business, business owners and administrators will undeniably run into a situation where they could use some extra capital. With Trox Tech’s cloud storage and backup and disaster recovery, you can protect your business’ most important aspect and improve your staff’s collaborative and cooperative capabilities; securely and affordably.

For more information about our cloud file sharing, backup, and disaster recovery offering, call us today. Our trusted professionals can provide your organization with all the resources it needs to make your technology work for you.