It’s so hard to say goodbye: Monthly software magazine ending in November.

Microsoft is ending MSDN magazine after 20 years this upcoming November but all previous issues will be available online. According to Microsoft “As Microsoft products and services expanded exponentially over the years, MSDN Magazine has gone through its own evolution, as well,” Microsoft said Monday. “We realized that it is time to retire MSDN Magazine […]

Here today, Gone tomorrow: The technology most likely to be obsolete in your lifetime

What is the technology that will be obsolete during this current lifetime? According to a science, technology, and society professor at The University of Virginia by the name of Peter Norton he says “Old technology does not seldom goes away.” He brings up that chalk boards are still used along with white boards and LED […]

Renovations to fast forward their reinvention: GameStop will be having an overhaul to keep with the times

GameStop is betting on more accessible, more playable games and hoping that eSports and a blast from the past will keep the business alive. It’s commonly known that the world around us in the retail industry including technology that the common go to source for shopping is now online. Consumers are more likely to shop […]

Recent tech news, Scammers and Spammers hurting REAL businesses

According to an article on, local businesses such as this one here Trox Tech are being hurt by scammers and spammers. Here’s a small excerpt of that article, ” Millions of fake Google Maps listings hurt real business and consumers. The Wall Street Journal reported this week that Google Maps has about 11 million illegitimate local […]