TikTok…The app. TikTok … The Phone?: TikTok owner ByteDance has plans to make a smartphone

In a world where apps are here today and gone tomorrow, app developers are always looking to grow their brand beyond just an app to keep the money flowing throughout the company and once they strike gold it is a rarity that they let them go. Countless examples like Fruit Ninja and the presence they hold in every big arcade and fun entertaining venue one can think of to another app that went big time like Angry Birds who now has TV shows and movies to follow the success of the app’s game. Now, TikTok is looking to follow suit beyond just the entertainment industry that they are reaching iconic status in after filling the void that was left by the demise of Vine. TikTok creator ByteDance is confirming reports that they’re ready to enter the smartphone competition. The predecessors have not faired well as Facebook never followed up with the HTC collaboration they used and the Amazon Fire phone was a huge flop as well. TikTok has yet to state what will make them so different but they’re not just stopping at smartphones. They’re looking to expand to messaging that mirrors iMessaging, GIPHY, and such. TikTok has also looked at starting a streaming service! Needless to say, TikTok is trying to be a technologically sound international giant! Will they be successful? Odds are against this working in their favor but we shall see. As a tech community, this should be a great one to watch either develop or sink.